Let your passion be dance!

The dance show "Bucuria de a fi împreună" is the transposition into dance steps of the pandemic period and everything that has brought us transformative this period. It's about reinvention, rediscovery and creativity. It is an invitation for every spectator to allow themselves to live beautifully through dance, music and art. A period like the one experienced in the pandemic must be a life lesson and a re-establishment of values for each of us. We invite you to live together again, healthy, connected to each other through dance, and to regain our balance through the artistic manifestation of emotions, of course, also through dance.

See you in
* June 11, 2022, from 20.00, at Faber
* June 12, 2022, at 18.00, in Dacia Park
at a great show followed by a short dance workshop.
Participation is free.

The event is co-financed by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Project Center, during the session #Orașul în mișscare

Sustaining Faber

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