Our Story

FABER is a project that brings together the creative community and the people who help it become an engine of change for Timisoara.

FABER offers meeting and event spaces, contemporary workspaces, a prototyping workshop, and a bistro - all in a refurbished building that belonged to the United Oil and Soap Factories of 1844, then the Light Factories of 1948, and in recenr history, Azur Factory.

It all started with a dream called Timisoara and a hope, which is its community. The name Faber originates from the philosophical concept "Homo Faber" - the creative man - a concept proposed by Hannah Arendt and Max Scheler, through which he is described as a man capable of changing the environment through tools. We like to think that we are approaching this concept, the tools by extension being platforms that bring together the creative and cultural sector of the city.

But for us FABER also means an extra connection with this place that we were destined to reimagine: the name leads, not coincidentally, to that of the famous in Timisoara family Farber, whose members were, at the beginning of the twentieth century, important personalities of the city on the Bega and to which the buildings of the AZUR industrial platform belonged.

The FABER project was born spontaneously, given that 2 different groups were looking for the same suspect - a space that could be regenerated. The first group consisted of the couple Val Mureșan and Cristina Potra-Mureșan, behind projects such as FCTM and Alergotura, and the FOR team - consisting of 9 architects involved in UpgradeMyCity, undelocuiesc.eu, BETA: Oana Simionescu, Dan Bugariu, Simina Cuc, Alexandra Maier, Pepe Peralta Guerrero, Alexandra Rigler, Sergiu Sabău, Maria Sgîrcea and Alexandra Spiridon. In parallel, Andreea Iager-Tako and Norbert Tako, the founders of the AMBASADA, the PLAI and JazzTM festival were also looking for a new space for AMBASADA.

In this search, we met around the same property and realized that we have a common goal that binds us: to create sustainable projects that have the power to change the cultural, social and creative scene in Timisoara. No wonder at that time we decided to join forces and build together. Later, we were joined by Adrian and Raluca Erimescu, who create wonderful projects such as Growceanu, Unde Locuiesc Eu, Storypoint.ro.

Thus, at the moment, FABER means AMBASADA, means FOR, means open spaces for events, meetings, formal or informal that contribute to innovation at community and city level. So far, FABER has hosted concerts, parties, conferences, film screenings, fairs with local artists and craftsmen, contemporary dance performances and live performances, and is still open to courageous initiatives. Another soul project of our is Creativa, an interactive tool that aims to provide an image of the cultural and creative potential of Timisoara. The platform is designed to be a medium for creative exposure and a resource for all those who need creative impulses in their projects.

We want FABER to be an ecosystem, a source of inspiration, innovation and evolution, which is relevant through the changes produced, both for its members and for the outside world.

We want FABER to become a space where we can gather as many beautiful stories together with you.
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