December’s theme is Abundance, chosen by Santa Fe chapter, illustrated by Neebinnaukzhik Southall, and presented by Mailchimp.
Gratitude magnifies our experience of abundance. When we marvel at the taste of ripe summer fruit, juice bursting from its skin. When we set a table, a seat for every person we cherish, and bathe in the radiance.
Once you stop hoarding what you fear to lose, you find that the more you share, the richer — in community, in wellbeing — you become.
What is ABUNDANCE? What would it take for us to feel like we have enough? What does it take for us to unclench our fists and share our overflowing bounty? Let’s discover how to feel the ABUNDANCE in the good use of what we have.
The tickets will be out on Monday, December 19th, and we'll be waiting for you on Thursday, at our regular morning hour - 07.30AM - to share a coffee and to live the community feeling we're creating together!

Sustaining Faber

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