✿ Friday, July 1st, 2022
✿ Access: 19:00 | Concert: 20:30
🔖 Tickets available through Eventbook.ro:
🔖 https://bit.ly/oll01iul-Timisoara
✿ The price of a ticket is 70 lei in advance and 80 lei on the day of the event.
✿ Children under 12 have free access as long as they are accompanied by a ticketing adult.


om la lună launches ‘Echilibru’, the third studio album in the band’s history on July 1st in Timisoara at FABER.

"Echilibru" contains ten songs and is composed in the autumn of 2021, during which the members of the band lived together in Soveja, a village at the foot of the Vrancea Mountains.

The album brings a new direction to explore, one in which the poetry and warmth of the messages combine with new elements and sounds, keeping the sincerity and vulnerability of the songs, but adding new valences to the band's creations. From this album, the band has already released the first three singles: At the End of the Line, Towards Height and Supernatural.

"We are always on the edge of a knife. With our lives, with our choices, with every new path we take. Nothing is final and we can't take anything for granted. Between good and evil, between fear and courage, between the abyss and the good road, we move forward in balance. We walk with our arms to the side, sometimes looking forward, sometimes looking down. We still stumble, we leave without wanting on one side or the other, we still cling to the walls, we still help each other. We are unbalanced and we are balancing again and again. We walk on an invisible wire, towards our dreams - which often change us - on our roads, newly opened or always old, followed by yesterday, with the thought of tomorrow. Always between two choices, always between perseverance and giving up, step by step, we move forward. And in this lifelong journey, balance is all we have. ” - Doru Pușcașu, om la lună


About om la lună:
om la lună started in May 2018 as a project of rough acoustic poetry by Doru Pușcașu, a sincere and authentic approach to sung poetry, in which the guitar or piano completed the craft lyrics. In the fall of 2019, Doru was joined by Dragoș Strat, Cătălin Constantin and Adrian Maraloiu, om la lună thus becoming a full band, with more and more frequent live appearances.

In 2020, during the lockdown, the band composed the EP, Dance, which they released in the summer of the same year, then embarked on the first tour in its history, discovering new people and places and soon becoming very popular for the message. genuine and full of vulnerability and for the sincerity of each appearance.

In 2021, om la lună released his first full-length album - "In the case of man on the moon, shout" left / right man on the moon ", as the case may be - a record highly appreciated by audiences and critics, had numerous concerts in the country and participated in festivals such as Electric Castle, Flight Festival or Vadoo Fest.

om la lună grew with every concert, with every episode of music and storytelling, turning every appearance into a very intimate, memorable experience that brings people together in an irremediable way.

Almost four years after its founding, om la lună has become one of the most popular and beloved alternative rock / indie rock bands in Romania, with numerous sold out concerts and a community of devoted fans across the country.

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