Saturday, 4th of June 2022 Manufactura presents the concert Tribute AC/DC with the hard rock band AB/CD from Hungary at Faber.
Support Artist: 40 lei
You can find tickets online, here, aici:
Public access: 18:00
AB / CD is the best known AC / DC tribute band in Hungary and one of the best in Europe. The band was born in December 2003, and since then they have given hundreds of concerts both in Hungary and in the vicinity of their country. Their aim is to perform in places where the AC / DC band is unable to reach, especially in underground clubs. The desire of the band AB / CD is to offer a show as close as possible both in terms of energy and spirit, so that the audience really feels like at an AC / DC concert.
Szemenyei Ádám-Angus Young – guitar
Csányi Szabolcs-Malcom/Ştevie Young- guitar
Kristó László-Bon Scott/Brian Johnson/Axel Rose – voice
Demjén András-Cliff Williams – bass
Bodor Tibor-Phill Rudd – drums

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