by Diana Caducenco

Concert Blazzaj. The release of the album ”Întoarcerea Omului Furnicar”

14 Oct

Event start date

14 October, 2023

Event end date

14 October, 2023

Event location

Concert Blazzaj. The release of the album ”Întoarcerea Omului Furnicar”


by Diana Caducenco

Blazzaj launches the double vinyl album "Întoarcerea Omului Furnicar" through a concert event.
Come to FABER to discover 14 funky new music stories with autographed vinyls, photos and discussions.

20 years after the last album, Blazzaj draws a different landscape on the laptop.
About a dream that doesn't throw you into the abyss,
about the city that flows through you
about a world where everything around goes better,
too good indeed.

After an unsuccessful attempt to take over the leadership of the tenants' association, the ant man wandered around supermarkets for 28 days in search of self-balance. He returned to the block with 14 stories worthy of any storyteller.

Be one of the first to listen live to the 14 new tracks, about a new world: The Badge, The Fence, The Spiral, To The Stars, Plusunu, Losses Of Frequency, The Wall, The Dream, The Golden Ghetto, The City, Funk Soldiers, Planer, Funkside.

The vinyl costs 160 lei and will be available at FABER on the day of the concert.
The event will take place in the multifunctional hall, and the number of seats is limited. Hurry up to get your ticket!


Blazzaj's funk journey began in 1998, when a group of musicians from different musical genres (from jazz to classical to hardcore) invented a complex device, full of dynamism and color, fueled by bursts of energy , written in the mirror and read BLAZZAJ.
Buildings and dancing hands, golden ghettos, personified oratians, sarcasm, humor and dreams – all can be found in the stories of Blazzaj, a constantly changing band that brings freshness and energy to the landscape with each appearance. Currently, the "crew" of the band looks like this:
Valentin Potra – drums
Alexandru Pascu - bass
Gabriel Almasi – guitar, synth
Petrică Ionuțescu – trumpet, keys
Lucian Nagy - saxophone, wind instruments
Octavian Horvath - vocals

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