by Diana Caducenco

Cyclic 15 Years Anniversary w. SUPER FLU x UndertheIvy

24 — 25 Feb

Event start date

24 February, 2024

Event end date

25 February, 2024

Event location

Cyclic 15 Years Anniversary w. SUPER FLU x UndertheIvy


by Diana Caducenco
Cyclic, one of Romania's earliest music event promoters is celebrating 15 years of activity — this time in Timisoara!
Therefore Cyclic x UndertheIvy are inviting you to yet another memorable party, with a celebratory occasion for the party-goers and electronic music lovers. The star of the night will be a renowned electronic artist — SUPER FLU, who has been making history in the world of electronic dance music with music hits and live energy.
SUPER FLU - the iconic German artist, has carved a unique niche in the vibrant world of electronic dance music. Hailing from Halle, Germany, he has captivated audiences worldwide with infectious energy, genre-bending soundscapes, and a knack for transforming any venue into an unforgettable dance party.
His music seamlessly blends techno, house, and electro elements, creating a unique, stimulating, and soul-stirring blend. His sets are known for their dynamic transitions, unexpected twists, and a seamless flow that keeps the energy levels high from start to finish.
Some of the artist's latest work:
AMA (feat. Mar+Mer) -
Dear Friend (feat. Dancing On Lego) -
Tool Time -
All Good Alright (feat. Dancing On Lego) -
Azzecca - Mantra (Super Flu Remix) -
◥ Line-Up:
♫ Lemon
♫ Varga b2b Max Rein
◥ Tickets:
Promo: 40 RON - Sold Out
Tickets: 50 RON via link
Backstage ticket: 80 RON via link

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