by Diana Caducenco

Health Hunter Conferences: Vitality vs Burnout

7 Nov

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7 November, 2023

Event end date

7 November, 2023

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Health Hunter Conferences: Vitality vs Burnout


by Diana Caducenco

The balance of the body in all its functions prevents burnout and maintains a productive flow of thought and action, in the context of a general state of physical and mental well-being. Easy to say, hard to do – we will often be tempted to seek wellness in excess! Without the correct dosage, food, sports, work and any other method of rebalancing can turn from medicine to poison.

How can our food be medicine and not poison? How can we use movement and sport to ensure vitality and well-being without becoming addictions? Is there a broader strategy to effectively use these rebalancing mechanisms without crossing the threshold of a new imbalance?
We were looking for answers along with:

▪️ Dr. Michaela Stein, Medical Director Corporate Health, Health Hunter and CEO Metabolic Balance Romania
▪️ Assoc. Dr. Magdalena Mititelu, Doctor in Clinical Biochemistry, UMF Carol Davila Bucharest
▪️ Mircea Dragu, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

▪️ Valeriu Lingurar, Marketing-Sales Director, Health Hunter

Health Hunter conferences aim to open an active dialogue between decision-makers and employees in companies, who are concerned about health as a source of motivation and productivity, and various specialists in physical and mental health.
Participation fee: 100 lei

To limit paper waste, access is done by verifying the ticket or proof of payment over the phone. Subject to available seats, tickets can also be purchased at the entrance.

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