by Diana Caducenco

How do we manage impostor syndrome?

8 Feb

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8 February, 2024

Event end date

8 February, 2024

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How do we manage impostor syndrome?


by Diana Caducenco

🎭 We all face impostor syndrome sooner or later. Either we are afraid to make mistakes and take risks, or we avoid appreciating our successes and being proud of ourselves.

Thursday, February 8, from 19:00, together with the psychotherapist Ionuț Mladin, we answer questions such as:
💬 What is impostor syndrome?
💬 How does it appear? How can we manage it?
💬 Where does the fear of failure come from?
💬 How do we make sure it doesn't sabotage our opportunities?

The event will last an hour and a half and will take place in a friendly atmosphere - where you will be able to ask your own questions, if you wish.

📍 Where? FABER (Splaiul Peneș Curcanul, 4-5)
⏰ When? February 8, 7:00 p.m
🎫 Entry? Free, with registration.
We are waiting for you! 💫

About the Speaker:
💬 Ionuț Mladin is an integrative psychotherapist, philosophical practitioner (logic-based therapy), member of the National Association of Philosophical Practice in the USA and founding member of the Professional Association of Philosophical and Ethical Counselors.
💬 He works as an advisor professor at the Timiș County Educational Resource and Assistance Center and as an associate professor at UVT, within the philosophy department. Fields of specialization: philosophy and psychology.
💬 He is also the author of the book "From res cogitans to the extended mind" and of specialized studies published in the country and abroad.
What you say? We're waiting for!

Event financed by the Alber Foundation

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