Together we make a better world!

Because we strongly believe, that only together we can make a better world and that if everyone makes available with love and gentleness, the gift with which they are endowed... we can set the world in motion to more deeds!

So, we: Beck Corlan -Seeds of Kenosis Design together with Timea Somogyi, founding member of the ACAS Association - Association for the training of special abilities, and a group of volunteer friends, ambassadors of good, want to offer a dream dinner both to children, teenagers, young people and all people who want to be part of a community where goodness, gentleness, love, acceptance, adaptation are promoted and applied!

How? Through sports, socializing and music, the ingredients that can work wonders!
Where? Faber community!
We invite you to sports activities adapted to both people with disabilities and those who have a lot of energy!

Sport has no limits and barriers, that's why we want every person who will be present to be able to take part in at least one of our games!
We wish we could relax to a story while serving a juice or something to munch on and then let our souls be soothed by a wonderful concert performed by Beck Corlan!

Sustaining Faber

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