International Outdoor Office Day, on June 16th, 2022, at FABER in Timişoara is part of the series of events Meaning and Fusion of Work.

During this event, we invite people who work in the FOR coworking space within FABER to go out to work for a few hours in the FABER yard, thus experiencing the benefits of working outdoors.

In the FABER courtyard there will be ample space for artistic happenings, debates, as well as for anyone who wants to sit outside to work outside, as an individual option, whether or not it has a space reserved for FOR coworking. On June 16, at 4 pm, the FABER court will host the opening event of the ErgoWork 2022 International Conference, as well as the presentation and awarding of the Urban Link 15 ′ projects, 2022 edition.

Work, well-being and urban nature are closely linked. #outdoorofficeday is an annual international event, initiated in 2019 by Nature Desks Amsterdam to highlight the benefits of working outdoors.

Program initiated by ErgoWork Society, Politehnica University Timisoara, West University Timisoara, Iulius Town, Nature Desks, Faber Association

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