by Diana Caducenco

Musical Picnics / Pavilionul de Plastic

27 Apr

Event start date

27 April, 2024

Event end date

27 April, 2024

Event location

Musical Picnics / Pavilionul de Plastic


by Diana Caducenco

Musical Picnics
Live music, brunch on the grass, sun and cool people ☀️

We propose a new concept created by FABER x AMBASADA x Muzicon, where we meet on weekends in the morning in the courtyard and enjoy the sound of emerging local bands and creative menus by AMBASADA.

Next Saturday, on April 27, we start in the morning at 11 o'clock, to the music of the band Pavilionul de Plastic and with a special brunch menu from the EMBASSY. We complete with a cozy setup on the grass, in the FABER courtyard, where we will have blankets, deckchairs and bean bags - everything you need for a picnic as such.

Bring your friends, family & pets and let's enjoy chill moments together.✨

Pavilionul de Plastic is a band formed by Octavian "Vita" Horvath (Implant for Refuz, Blazzaj), Serena Voaideș and Adolf Vegh, which was created organically last year, during the Muzicon Summer Camp creative camp. The camp aimed to grow the alternative music scene, but mostly to initiate collaborations between different musicians, who usually might not have ended up working together. The Plastic Pavilion started as an experimental project and continues to produce original music with a special sound.

Eclectic combinations are also created in the EMBASSY kitchen, and the menu looks like this:
- Smoked curd and green garlic quiche
- Fresh buffalo curd with sweet gogonne/Ham and jam (surprise)
- Pink tabbouleh with all the greens and baked almonds
- Egg salad with potatoes and tarragon and mustard dressing
- Spinach hummus with spicy radishes
- Poppy and chocolate bar
- Tahini and honey biscuit
- Toast

Get your ticket for the Plastic Pavilion here:
And to reserve the brunch at the EMBASSY, call the number: 0790 666 383. The cost of a menu is 65 RON/person and will be paid on the day of the event at the bar. The cost of the ticket is added to this.

See you in the backyard!😎

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