Manufactura presents Pero Defformero + B-ton LIVE concert at FABER (Splaiul Peneș Curcanul 4-5, Timișoara)
Access: 18:00
Early bird offer - 40 lei (first 50)
Ticket: 50 lei
Find tickets online here:

Pero Defformero - what a waste of talent! The existence of this band is difficult to explain. It's just as absurd and pointless as the circumstances in which it was born, and it was born in the crazy nineties in Serbia. The clash of opposites. Technical metal meets turbo folk. The west meets the Balkans. Moshpit meets Balkan Party
These pioneers of turbo folk-metal have been around for almost three decades to the joy of some, and disappointment of many.
They're as strong as ever! And they're here!

Founded in March 2000, B-ton remained with the same sincerity (just as in the beginning) a positive feeling with great possibilities for refreshment and soul charge.
B-Ton in 2022 are:
⁃ Fly (guitar, vocals)
⁃ Yolk (guitar)
⁃ Dănuț (drums)
Im Gim (bass)
Musical style, a cocktail of punk, rock, metal and sometimes a lot of fun or even n’b / electro influences.

Sustaining Faber

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