by Diana Caducenco

Screening of Animest short films & Workshop Timisoara la Cutie / Ceau, Cinema

16 Jul

Event start date

16 July, 2023

Event end date

16 July, 2023

Event location

Screening of Animest short films & Workshop Timisoara la Cutie / Ceau, Cinema


by Diana Caducenco

Within Ceau, Cinema, section Ceau, Junior! Animest offers to the little ones an animated journey with characters who will become their friends and lead them through several new worlds. The selection of eight films is made within the Animation Festival Network, consisting of the animation film festivals Animafest Croatia, Anifilm Czech Republic, Fest Anča Slovakia, Animest Romania and Animateka Slovenia. The educational project is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union and includes animated films that address ecological themes, sustainable development and environmental conservation.

For the youngest of viewers, the films that open the screening address the theme of unusual friendship between seemingly different creatures. The proposed selection can be a good starting point for discussions and concrete actions within everyone's reach, which adults can support in educating the little ones in the spirit of love for nature and for their fellows. The films are aimed mainly at children from 4 to 10 years old, but are also warmly recommended for older children and adults.

The screening will take place on Sunday, July 16, from 11:00 a.m., at FABER. It will also be attended by the representatives of the Animest Festival, Mihai Mitrică and Ligia Soare, who are visiting us for the first time.

Franzy's soup - France 2021, 8'33", directed by Ana Chubinidze
Franzy discovers that her alien soup is not only delicious, but also magical when she shares it with some strange creatures from an unknown planet.

T-Rex – Germany 2022, 3'37", directed by Julia Ocker
T-Rex is no good at basketball and the monkeys laugh at him… until something completely unexpected happens.

Between Sisters - France 2022, 7'15", directed by Anne-Sophie Gousset and Clément Céard
Two sisters love each other a lot, play and laugh together. The older sister helps the younger one to discover the world. One day, the roles are reversed.

Ink - Netherlands 2020, 2'15", directed by Erik Verkerk and Joost van den Bosch
An octopus obsessed with cleanliness lives in an aquarium. Sometimes his tentacles are not enough to reach where he needs.

Sorry - Czech Republic 2022, 8'15", directed by Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková
Two girls are playing with the ball. After a minor argument, they stop talking. What happens while the anger lasts?

Hedgehogs and the city – Latvia 2013, 10′, directed by Evalds Lacis
One spring morning, the animals awaken from hibernation to discover that their forest has been transformed into a city. Together they must come up with a strategy to survive.

The Weasel - Slovenia 2016, 11:30", directed by Timon Leder
A hungry weasel attacks a flock of birds that live in the last standing tree. The birds strive to keep the tree balanced, and the weasel does anything to climb.

Pig - Holland 2022, 8'15", directed by Jorn Leeuwerink
The animals connect a cable to the plug-like snout of a sleeping pig. At first the animals use the energy for small things, but soon they become dependent on a city where everything is automated.

The price of a full ticket is 15 lei or a festival subscription for 120 lei.
The projection will be followed, in the FABER courtyard, from 12.00, by a creative workshop for the little ones supported, as usual, by Timișoara la cutie (here the entrance is free).

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