by Diana Caducenco

Superhumans: About boundaries and assertiveness

11 Apr

Event start date

11 April, 2024

Event end date

11 April, 2024

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Superhumans: About boundaries and assertiveness


by Diana Caducenco

💬 Do you find it difficult to express your needs in a calm and effective way?
💬 Do you find it hard to say "no" or protect your boundaries and sometimes end up in unwanted situations just to please?

We know what it's like.

💡That's why, on Thursday, April 11, starting at 7:00 p.m., we are waiting for you for an exciting discussion on the subject, together with the trainer Șerban Radulovici.

We will answer questions such as:

✨What is assertiveness and why is it important to cultivate it? How does the lack of it affect us?
✨Why is it so hard for us to be assertive?
✨What is the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness?
✨How important is boundary setting and what are some examples of boundaries we can have in our professional and personal relationships?
✨How can we develop our assertiveness in everyday life?

💡Whether it's relationships, work dynamics, or personal development, cultivating assertiveness and setting boundaries are essential to achieving healthy connections and cultivating self-respect.

💡 Șerban Radulovici is a consultant, trainer and coach since 2002, certified both in Romania and internationally (ICF, PCM®, SIZE, Metasysteme).

💡 Over time, Şerban supported training programs on the following topics: "Team Development", "Leadership", "Communication", "Emotional Intelligence", "Stress Management", "Sales Skills", etc. for over 200 companies.

🗓️ Date: April 11
🕖 Time: 19:00
📍 Location: FABER (Splaiul Peneș Curcanul 4-5)
🎫 Entry? Free, with registration
💡 Sounds good?

We invite you to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, together with a community passionate about psychoeducation and personal development!

Event funded by the Alber Foundation, City of Mara
Graphics: Ela Marusanici (@ela.illustrates)

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