React frontends: decisions, decisions, decisions…
What optimization strategy should you use? When is state management useful? How to make your app look better? Worry no more! We've got you covered!
Join us on the 17th of November to learn the best practices and get invaluable experience from our experts.
In this workshop our experienced developers, Ionut Botizan, Iasmina Precup, and Bianca Gauca, will do live coding demonstrations and will cover:
👉 App delivery optimization: Server-side rendering vs Client-side rendering - how to use them and what the trade-offs of each are;
👉 State management tools. Know exactly where your data is: Redux vs MobX;
👉 Styling a React application: Tailwind vs Styled Components.
Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in tech talks and expand your knowledge.
Language: Romanian
We'll bring the demos and refreshments, you bring curiosity and openness.

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