VAMA Neconventional

14 - 14 Aug

VAMA Neconventional
Event start date

August 14, 2021 @ 16:00:00

Event end date

August 14, 2021 @ 23:00:00

During the pandemic we discovered a new Romania. During the pandemic we climbed the mountains again, we did long bike rides, we stayed in households and boarding houses, we went out by boat on the sea, we traveled thousands of kilometers in all the holidays and weekends in which we could run from Bucharest.

That's how we thought of doing a national tour in UNCONVENTIONAL urban locations, where we will create one-day COMMUNITIES. We want to activate local communities in various fields in each city and bring them to us to offer the public an experience beyond music.

We aim for more than a VAMA tour, we aim for an experience that connects people not only through music, but through the diversity of activities up to the concert.

Tudor Chirilă: “Lately, people want to live fully and mix experiences. And it's normal after so many restrictions, to want to live everything. Want to be everywhere and experience several states at once. And we feel this need. And then we said to try more than a tour with ten concerts, to offer people our music in beautiful spaces where one-day communities can be created. Spaces where people can meet, cool off, talk, buy a book, have a good coffee or hang out in the shade and do nothing until the concert. We miss singing, but more than that or maybe just as much we miss seeing people together enjoying a day with various activities and being with them. So our music has become a pretext for VAMA NECONVENTIONAL. ”

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