by Diana Caducenco

Workshop: How do you get through a tough time?

30 May

Event start date

30 May, 2023

Event end date

30 May, 2023

Event location

Workshop: How do you get through a tough time?


by Diana Caducenco

💡 What is emotional resilience and how can it be developed?
💡 What are the resources you can turn to in less good times?
💡 How can you prepare for the challenges of everyday life?
Some of the questions we will answer on Tuesday, May 30, together with psychotherapist Mircea Dragu.

We are preparing an engaging discussion full of valuable information about stress management and the importance of emotional resilience
We will cover:
💭 the ways in which we can take care of our psyche in difficult times;
💭 emotional resources worth investing in;
💭 failure management;
💭 the importance of realistic expectations and the dangers of toxic positivity;

The event will take place in a relaxed and pleasant setting, and participants will be encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussion.
Participation is free and open.
With registration at:

💡 About the guest:
Mircea Dragu, a psychologist by profession, has been active for many years in civic organizations, mainly in mental health projects.
Since 2008, he has been working as a psychotherapist (training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy; specialized in individual therapy for adults) in a mental health service center established with his wife - psychiatrist and psychotherapist.
In his day-to-day work, he tries to dispel myths in psychotherapy and guide people to methods of prevention and resilience.

💡 Sounds good?
You're welcome!
💡 Where?
FABER, downstairs. 💙
💡 When?
Tuesday, May 30, 7 p.m.

💡 About us:
Superhumans Romania is a project that brings psychoeducation into the public space through events, workshops and other free urban interventions.

The project is financed by the Fund for a better future in communities.
The fund for a better future in communities is a program coordinated at the national level by the Community Foundations Federation of Romania - FFCR financed by Lidl Romania and implemented at the local level by the Timişoara Community Foundation.

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