Via our friends from @IZOLYATSIA we have been in touch with @Takflix and prepared a series of screenings - a mix of documentaries and movies - that talk about Ukrainian culture and reality - a rich world of a nation.

The screenings are going to be in Ukrainian, with English subtitles. Entrance is donation based (more information bellow).

March 22nd:
"Women who play" is a playful film bringing us back to childhood, where everything started. It portraits seven girls who have grown up and who now "rock". They won't be talking about success, but they are the ones who know the rules of the game, and who also know how to violate them correctly.
The film is a collective portrait of seven outstanding women in modern Ukrainian culture: writer Sofia Adrukhovych, cultural journalist Vira Baldyniuk, conductor Oksana Lyniv, artist Alina Kleytman, theatre director Tamara Trunova, cultural manager Yulia Fediv and film director Iryna Tsilyk.

Enter Through The Balcony is a Documentary Short about Ukrainian make-shift balconies. The film explores the phenomenon of the balcony as a small architectural form. Enter Through The Balcony is a journey through the decades. It is a look inside balconies and their owners in cities across Ukraine. It is a balanced and in depth view of the balconies from their owners, employees of city councils, historians, sociologists, urbanists, developers and architects. Through the history of the balconies film explores the history of Post-Soviet Ukraine — life, culture, and the relationships between personal and public space in cities.
An engaging love letter to Ukraine and its people, Enter Through the Balcony examines how architecture can be a curious pathway to a deeper understanding of culture and place.

March 29th:
The citizens of the USSR do not need to listen to James Brown, Frank Zappa or Pink Floyd - the government thought so. But all that changed in the late 1960s: under the direction of the Politburo, VIAs (vocal-instrumental ensembles) began to appear in Ukraine to become analogues of Western rock bands. But something went wrong: instead of loyal musicians, the government got a modern and original music scene. These musicians did not like their bands to be called VIA. Now this music will have a new name - Moustache Funk!
"Moustache Funk" is a documentary about one of the brightest periods of Ukrainian pop music. The film is released with the support of Hacken.

Hacken CyberSecurity Services

April 5th:
Lucas goes to the Crimea border as an OSCE mission member. After several strange coincidences, Lucas is left alone in a small town in southern Ukraine where he meets a local weirdo Vova. Following Vova, Lucas slowly sinks into the life of the Ukrainian province where actions are alien to any logic or structure.

These are a series of charitable screenings and the entrance is donation based.

We have a series of organisations we recommend you support:

*The donations will be automatically converted to UAH, so people would need to do some math
1 Romanian leu = 7 UAH
1 EUR = 34 UAH

Timișoara pentru Ucraina:
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