True or false? We are all bystanders or even actors in the propagation of false information through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social platforms. The exhibition "Fake news: art, fiction, mensonge" explores and deciphers the mechanisms of creation and dissemination of false information and aims to find methods to stop their propagation.

"Fake news : art, fiction, mensonge" is an unprecedented exhibition that brings together works by French and international artists who sound the alarm and question the dissemination of false information in a hyperconnected world, but which destroys our critical spirit.

This exhibition proposes an artistic and educational journey, between reality, interpretation and perception, to understand and decipher the mechanics of what fake news means.

The exhibition will be opened on Friday, January 27, from 18:00 at FABER, with a dialogue on the topic of fake news between Marc Semo, Le Monde journalist and Robert Schwartz, Deutsche Welle journalist. The discussion will be moderated by Professor Marcel Tolcea.

Sustaining Faber

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