by Diana Caducenco

Meet the LINA fellows | BETA

3 Jun

Event start date

3 June, 2023

Event end date

3 June, 2023

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Meet the LINA fellows | BETA


by Diana Caducenco
🔈 On Saturday, June 3rd, we are excited to introduce you to three emerging creative groups - Beta partners through the European architecture platform LINA (
🔈 Ana Gallego, SPACE SAL00N and Filter Café Filtré will present the ways in which they intend to contribute in the future to the relationship between the Nursery and the Victory Square.
🔈 Three members of the MAIO Architects team, authors of the Nursery's concept, will also attend the event.
The presentations will start at 3pm at Faber (splaiul Peneș Curcanul 4-5).
We look forward to seeing you!
💭 About the fellows:
▪️ Ana Gallego is currently working in the international architecture studio Miralles Tagliabue EMBT in Barcelona since 2020.
She is the lead coordinator of the Urban LAB of Mental Health which participates in the public policies of the EU, making an investigation that joins mental health, urban design and technology policies in the EU. She has taken part in MODELFest with ‘Aigua Sana’ (2022) and at BCN Architecture Week with ‘Square it' (2021), both exhibitions related to the improvement of the urban space.
▪️ SPACE SAL00N is a design laboratory on the move. We explore the potentials of site by crafting collaborative hands-on experiences. Our pedagogical projects build communities, promote tolerance, and foster engagement through the production of transdisciplinary forms of knowledge.
We are a collective of architects, artists, and researchers who work with students in exploring new frontiers for design education. Our events provide a supporting platform for both professional architects as well as young developing designers to realize site-specific projects.
▪️ Filter Café Filtré - Atelier grew out of a citizens' movement and has set itself the goal of developing concrete solutions and spatial visions of the future through design research, in which better air quality, traffic safety and more liveable and child-friendly cities are the objectives.
In 2021, FCF-a took the initiative to organize the 1st edition of Openstreets. For the summerstreet program they partnered up with Kanal Centre-Pompidou, Ultima Vez, Cultureghem, Brussels2030 & Clean Cities.
See you there!
Part of the LINA Architecture Programme 2023
Co-funded by Creative Europe

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