by Diana Caducenco

Movement Playground @FABER

22 May

Event start date

22 May, 2024

Event end date

22 May, 2024

Event location

FABER, Timisoara

Movement Playground @FABER


by Diana Caducenco

This class is a fascinating combination of functional training, yoga, acrobatics and lots of fun. It is a challenge for all those who want to explore the culture of movement.

In our playground, we focus on the essential relationship between strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination. Little by little, we will build the foundation of a consistent organic movement practice. Through the "layering" approach, each movement is broken down into layers of exercises, thus contributing to the final result.

Certain exercises can be mentally challenging, but the workshop is structured to provide a basic level accessible to any participant, regardless of their level of fitness. Here you will have the opportunity to build the foundation of an incredible practice and enjoy playing with other enthusiasts!

This form of movement contributes to the awareness of the dynamics of one's own body, including the center of gravity (CG) and the base of support (BOS). Movement Playground also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, non-verbal communication and coordination.

Super duper instructor: Simona Fironda #OM
Simona's concept is based on the idea of ​​contributing as organically as possible to the exploration of this "space for OM" through movement. See the Organic Movement page for more details.

What do I need to participate?
Yoga mat - any type of mat/isoprene

No need for a partner brought from home!
The groups will change after each exercise to get the vast experience of working together with different people and try different roles during the practice.

Price: The workshop is based on donation
Reflect on your contribution to this movement community!
Places are limited, so please register here:

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