Drunk Amore is playing his music in public again.

The concert will include a set of songs made with their own hands, among the themes addressed being: the richness of the vices of youth, the escape from the yoke of everyday life, the illusory benefits of alcohol or the fears of the common sense man.
The native of Timișoara from Piața Maria has had an on/off relationship with music since the mid-2000s.

"I would use the guitar as a spade, I want to dig a musical lane for myself. Maybe narrower than others, maybe more crooked, but it would be my lane. I'm probably a dreamer, but I think I can only get out of a dreamer songs that are not insipid."

Muzicon.hub is a support platform for the alternative music scene. Within the hub there are rehearsal rooms, production studios, an artist residency program and an outdoor concert space.

The Muzicon showcases take place in the courtyard of the building.a.community by Ambasada and are made with the support of Faber.community.

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