Muzicon.hub is a support platform for the alternative music scene. Within the hub there are currently 18 musicians working in 7 bands, 3 rehearsal rooms, a music production studio, a concert program for hub residents and more, and an artistic residency program. The hub can be found in by AMBASADA, 4-5 Peneș Curcanul street

On November 5th we will meet you at for a showcase of some musical projects that are developing within the hub: Volga ARM, MOSTRE, Sweet Wednesday, Ioan Popovici or mltngdc.

Volga ARM is a new – brand new project consisting of Toma (bass and vocals), Joy (guitar) and Denis (drums). If you ask them what style they approach, they will answer that they don't know exactly, and then that it is a "quasi-rock".

MOSTRE, another project that appears for the first time on stage on November 5, consists of Adolf Vegh on bass, Mihai Pascu "Boss" on drums, Flavius ​​Vutan on guitar and synth and Vlad Panea on keyboards.

Sweet Wednesday is an alternative rock band consisting of Alex Gondoci (vocals and guitar), Horațiu Silasi (bass) and David Rogojan (drums). Their music is influenced by artists and bands such as Pixies, XTC, Elliott Smith or Cardiacs.

Member of the Effect band and later of Flare and Flarehead, Ioan Popovici starts a new musical project, with his own songs and a lot of rock energy together with Alin, the drummer with whom he shares the stage for more than 15 years and Adolf Vegh (Wolfydolf, Grand and Nomad, Melting Dice, etc.), an extremely talented and experienced bassist.

Mltngdc is the electronic version of Melting Dice music. Some of the band's songs have gone through a process of change and are reinterpreted in an electronic way, using more synths and less guitars, more beats and less classic rock rhythms.

The after will be provided by UFO (Florin Unguraș) and wolfydolf (Adolf Vegh), with two sets of good music directly from the vinyl.
The event takes place in the multifunctional hall at Faber, Peneș Curcanul 4-5.

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