by Diana Caducenco

NOMAD Black Sea Arts Festival in Timișoara - Ukrainian contemporary art exhibition

16 Jun — 12 Jul

Event start date

16 June, 2023

Event end date

12 July, 2023

Event location

NOMAD Black Sea Arts Festival in Timișoara - Ukrainian contemporary art exhibition


by Diana Caducenco

During the NOMAD Black Sea Arts Festival in Timișoara, FABER will host, from June 16 to July 12, an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art. On June 16, starting at 18.00, the opening will take place.

The main exhibition brings works by Ukrainian artists Alexander Krolikowski, Lena Pogrebnaya, Vladimir and Tetiana Bakhtov, Lucy Nychai, Olexandra Pavlovska, Svitla Volka, Dmytro Dokunov, Pavlo Shpylovyi and Serhii Diadko / Gidravlik.

On June 17, from 21:00, after a discussion with some of the artists who are part of the project: Lilia Liutko, Svitla Volka, Lucy Nychai and Olexandra Pavlovska, the participants will create a fire show, proposed by Vladimir and Tetiana Bakhtov, called ”Fire”.

The modern information space is full of narratives that spread hatred, shape aggressive behavior, keep people in constant stress and question European and universal values. Human life and freedom of expression must always come first.

The artists themselves are guides and mediators. They feel the changes more acutely, turn them into works of art and convey their messages to the general public. Ukrainian artists have been at the epicenter of events since last year. And with global attention focused on the war in Ukraine, the voice of Ukrainian artists is ringing louder than ever. Therefore, in this project, recognized Ukrainian artists with whom the Black Sea Arts Festival team has already collaborated in the past (Lilia Lyutko, Alexander Krolikowski and Lena Pogrebnaya), but also artists who have participated in international projects in Armenia, Georgia in the past, participate , Turkey, Romania and Greece (Volodymyr and Tetiana Bakhtov, Lucy Nychai, Oleksandra Pavlovska, Svitla Volka, Dmytro Dokunov, Pavel Shpylovoi, Serhiy Dyadko/Gidravlik).

In the parallel program, works by Romanian photographers and caricatures from the international press, looking back at the war in Ukraine, extracted from the book "Fichez nous la paix" will be presented! (Leave us alone!) published by Gallimard. Among them are Bogdan Dincă, Mircea Reștea and Petruț Călinescu, who documented the first wave of Ukrainian refugees, and the NGO Cartooning for peace, which collected press cartoons, offers an opportunity to look at Ukrainians and Ukraine from the outside.

The project is implemented with the support of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, in cooperation with the Ukrainian NGOs Congress of Culture Activists and FAINA UA, representatives of the British Council and the French Institute.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, there will be meetings and mediation activities, so we invite you to follow the Black Sea Arts Festival on I no trash page for more information.

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