We invite you to a super workshop, on Saturday, April 16, at 11.00, by P4C - Philosophy for children / Philosophy for children, a method of learning and exploration based on dynamic dialogue, training in thinking and creativity.

The workshop is aimed at children aged 7-10. Participation is free

We will start from a short story from Fabulafia magazine - "Like squirrels" story written by Cristina Andone, part of the project "School of well-raised money. From this we will deduce questions that we will try to answer together. We do not intend to go home with more answers, but with more questions and the desire to explore our own mind and that of others.

Interesting questions and dialogues have kept people’s minds busy and alive for thousands of years, and they work wonders for our children in their development and essential skills:
- Logical and abstract thinking
- Ability to argue
- Vocabulary development
- Confidence in expressing your opinion
- Creativity

It is necessary to give strength to the voice of the little ones, to help them grow up independent, adaptable, with a complex thinking, with a conscious, integrative and well-intentioned impact for the society in which they will live.
The reading and workshop is supported by Alis Stratan - How About Association.

Registrations are made here:

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