The Association Marele Ecran invites you to watch for the first time in Timișoara the mockumentary “Toni & his friends”, in the presence of the director Ion Indolean. It had its world premiere in 2020 at the Warsaw International Film Festival and is the second feature film directed by Ion Indolean, after "Discordia", for which it won the award for debut at TIFF in 2016. "Toni & his friends" is produced 100 % independent of Numa Film and filmed entirely in Cluj-Napoca.

The cast includes actors Ilinca Hărnuţ (California Dreamin ', Scared Hearts, Discordia), Cătălina Moga (Sieranevada), Alexandru Ion (Mia misses her revenge), Emil Măndănac, Gabriel Sandu, Elena Ivanca, Patricia Brad. The image is signed by Horaţiu Curuţiu. Screenplay: Ion Indolean & Adrian Cârlugea.

An inexperienced film crew is trying to make a documentary about Toni Oniga, a "neighborhood legend." Because it is untraceable, Rebeca (the director), Iulia (the cameraman) and Florin (the sound engineer) meet many acquaintances of the character. They all confess that Toni helped them in one way or another, but he remains an enigma even after meeting with the film crew. One of the first mock documentaries (docucomedy) in our filmography, captures those emotions that filmmakers experience in front of a very tender subject, which they are not sure how to approach. It's the story of people tormented by the need to assert themselves. Their drama is the drama of the creator in the face of uncertainty.

Tickets are available online at or at the location before the screening.

The screening is organized by the Mare Ecran Association and continues the series of 9 screenings that the Pelicula Culturală and Marele Ecran Associations organize before the ninth edition of the Ceau, Cinema! (July 14-17, Timisoara).
Partners: Numa Film, Faber

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