The Archaeus Foundation presents the exhibition SHiLA, COEXISTING WITH(IN) NATURE, curated by Cristian Frias, an exhibition that contains the 6 collaborative land art projects, resulting from the international residency at Sky Hill. SHiLA 2022, COEXISTING WITH(IN) NATURE, enjoyed the participation of national and international teams of students and academics from the Faculty of Music - UVT from Timișoara (RO); Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism - UPT from Timișoara (RO); Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism - UT from Cluj Napoca (RO); University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu from Bucharest (RO); Institute of Fine Arts and Art Theory from Eger (HU) and Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (RS).

SHiLA is an international program of land art and multidisciplinary residencies, in which teams of artists, architects and musicians, together with students and young professionals, are invited to carry out a series of interventions in the Cheile Nera Beușnița Reserve, using only materials found in situ, on a set theme. The program aims to explore the relationship between architecture, art and music, to stimulate debate on the role of visual arts in nature and to propose new means of overcoming interdisciplinary barriers.

This year's edition, SHiLA 2022, under the title COEXISTING WITH(IN) NATURE, revolved around the theme of collaborative creativity, proposing to explore art in NATURE, seen as a connective and regenerative tissue for COEXISTENCE and collaboration, starting from the dimensions individual, interpersonal, community and territorial and continuing with a collective poetic experience of the landscape.

Thus, we invite you on THURSDAY, November 3, at the FABER Space, at 7:00 p.m. to discover the 6 land art projects, resulting from the residency at Sky Hill. The exhibition is open until November 23. More details about the program and the event, coming soon.

Exhibition program
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 17:00-20:00,
Saturday, Sunday - 11:00 - 15:00
For guided tours please let us know in advance.

Artists: Kopacz Kund / Sonja Radaković / Miki Velciov / Aleksandar Danguzov / Krisztina Fülei / Erika Katona / Gustav Jovanović / Laura Schilemmer / Helena Soldat
Architects: Marius Miclăuș / Adelina Afetelor / Andra Hrenciuc / Bianca Ichim Ioana / Andreea Nistor / Gabriela Udrea / Elena Vremi
Musicians: Ionuț Dorobanțu/ Mihai Indrei / Cătălin Stoian / Alin Stoianovici
Foto / Video: Marius Vasile, Teodor Ioan - Tomescu
Special guest - Dr. Gabriel KELEMEN
Organizer: Fundația Archaeus;
Financer: Centrul de Proiecte Timișoara, Uniunea Arhitectilor din România prin Timbrul de Arhitectură;
Sponsors: Archaeus, EEtim, Balsamina;
Strategic Partners: Fundația ArtEncounters, Fundația Triade, OAR / Filiala Timiş, Beta - bienala timişoreană de arhitectură,, Asociația PRO-ATHOS, Avantpost, Școala de la Piscu, Facultatea de Arte și Design - UVT(RO); Institute of Fine Arts and Art Theory din Eger (HU); Universitatea de Arte din Novi Sad (RS); Kulturni Centar LAB din Novi Sad (RS)
Media Partners: Revista Zeppelin, Revista Arhitectura, The Institute.
Graphic Design: Claudia Feti
Photography: Marius Vasile

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