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Tides from Nebula + In2Elements LIVE la Faber


FABER, Timisoara

Tides from Nebula + In2Elements LIVE la Faber
Data începerii evenimentului

2 Octombrie, 2022 — 18:00

Data închiderii evenimentului

2 Octombrie, 2022 — 22:00

Locația evenimentului

FABER, Timisoara

Tides From Nebula + In2Elements LIVE, 2 octombrie, la Faber
Earlybird: 40 lei (primele 30 de bilete)
Tickets online: 60 lei gasiti aici:
Tides from Nebula was formed in early 2008 in Warsaw. Right from the beginning its line-up consisted of Maciej Karbowski, Tomasz Stołowski, Adam Waleszyński and Przemek Węgłowski and remain the same untill the end of 2018, when Adam has left the band, and TFN officialy became a threepiece.
But before that, they finished year 2018 in a spectacular way, playing a birthday show for 1000 fans gathered in their hometown Warsaw, Poland. As TFN is far from being a local band, they toured heavily all around Europe and Asia, expanding their fanbase gradually with each album. These days it’s not an overstatement to say, that they are one of the most respected and well known instrumental rock bands in Europe. c
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