We are looking for an inspiring person who will grow CREATIVA from a “nice idea” into a regionally relevant program. We are conscious that this is a Creative Director role mainly. and a second person will play the Program or Product Manager role în conjunction with the Creative Director. However, we want to be open at this point to all relevant applications!

Core areas of focus for this role are:

Designs an agenda of relevant areas for the CREATIVA festival and the annual FABER events calendar, attracts relevant producers of creative content and builds on audiences for them.

Coordination (Product Management role in other industries)
Draws the CREATIVA business plan (including a feasible strategy, executive team, a Festival + Factory + Mapping budget) and gets the buy-in of the FABER Team and Board. Identifies and draws financing resources to fuel and execute on the Plan.

Team Management
Scouts, hires, motivates and coordinates the team to achieve the target objectives.

The successful candidate is:
• Self-driven and can work autonomously
• Shares FABER Team’s vision
• Determined to grow the program for at least 3 years
• Well connected to a relevant network
• Capable to build upon a strategy
• Capable to design a kick-ass 🙂 team
• Capable to bear and grow a festival brand with regional (CEE) impact

Our ideal candidate:
• Has a relevant, portfolio-proven network in the creatives world
• Has proven productive interactions with the cultural and artistic communities
• Has proven experience in building up relevant networks and audiences
• Has proven experience in community collaboration and co-design processes
• Has proven experience in idea conception and delivery
• Has proven experience in creating and coordinating successful teams
• Understands very well the values of the New European Bauhaus program
• Has a passion for the impact of creativity and entrepreneurship in the future paradigms that will improve the quality of living
• Has a clear focus on understanding audience needs and deliver on them
• Shares FABER values and will work collaboratively with the team and the board
• Brings an enthusiastic, warm and positive energy to our team and community
• Is reliable, trustworthy, accountable and values open and honest communication
• Has a strong work ethic, can work to deadlines and can deal with high pressure
• Is fluent in English

… and has the skills to:
• Research and analyze
• Understand value creation processes
• Prioritize and plan
• Coordinate teams
• Engage community
• Build audiences
• Define the right success metrics

Benefits of working with us:
• Opportunity to work with a highly experienced and dynamic team, that built a project nominated for the New European Bauhaus prize
• The chance to surf the TM 2023 opportunity wave towards national and european shores
• Opportunity to shape the Coordinator role to your vision and skillset

If you think this sounds like you and sparks ideas in your mind, contact us right away at contact@faber.ro, we want to meet you! If you think this role is suitable for one of your friends or might interest someone, spread the word and help us find the right person for this job in order to continue to create sustainable programs. The deadline for receiving CVs & applications is 17th of January 2022.