We are launching an open call to join our team to build our next level of creativity!

FABER is looking for (an) inspiring person(s) who will be able to transform ideas into tangible projects, relevant for the local and regional communities. Find more details about FABER and the job description here.

FABER is a project that brings together the creative community and the people who help it become an engine of change for Timisoara and the region. It all started from our common mission to create sustainable communities for a better future both locally, nationally and internationally. Not so long after FABER started its activity, the results of our work and efforts started to emerge.

We were nominated in the New European Bauhaus awards as one of the 3 best projects in the category “Buildings renovated in the spirit of circularity”. Thanks to the community’s support, we managed to pass the pre-selection and position ourselves among the 60 finalist projects (from over 2000 from all over Europe). Moreover, the FABER project, conceived and implemented by the FOR architecture office, was also nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies Van der Rohe 2022.

These nominations mean a lot for us and convinced us to continue to support local, regional and national efforts to build together on this emancipation wave. At the moment, FABER means AMBASADA, means FOR, means open spaces for events, meetings that contribute to innovation at community and city level. So far, FABER has hosted concerts, conferences, film screenings, fairs and parties with local artists and craftsmen and live performances, and is still open to bold initiatives. All the events that we have hosted and organized always reflected FABER’s concept, skillfully represented in the video that Ovidiu Zimcea created with us.

Thus, FABER continuously grows with bigger projects and ideas, so naturally we want to enlarge our team and to make a step forward in this sense, hence we are looking for people with the same vision as ours. One of our next heraldic projects will be CREATIVA.

CREATIVA will be a complex program that will identify, grow and launch new processes and concepts in the creative industries. The program will have several mapping, acceleration and activation activities for startups and entrepreneurs in the creative industries. The whole program will culminate with a large event called the “CREATIVA festival”. The CREATIVA Festival will be an annual event of Euro-regional importance whose objective is to encourage the development of the creative entrepreneurial environment, innovation and quality cultural production, in order to mediate the relationship between creative practices and better quality of life. The festival will take place under the values of the New European Bauhaus: #beautiful, #sustainable, #together.

If you are interested in the role, send us your CV as soon as possible at contact@faber.ro. The deadline for applications is January 17, 2022.