After more than a year, Vama returned and reconnected with the fans in the country.

In August, we filled the Faber court with the unconventional VAMA, which toured the cities of Romania. For us, VAMA Neconventional meant more than music. We managed to create an unusual space, which until the concert hosted various recreational activities, with the involvement of local communities.

The rehearsals were open, the audience had access to them and after rehearsals they could talk to the band about music, about starting a career as a musician or all kinds of tips & tricks to help you make a career out of passion.

The members of VAMA told us that they missed singing, but more than that or maybe just as much they missed seeing people and, together, enjoying a day with various activities and be with them.

What we can say, in our turn, is that we enjoyed every moment of that day and we are waiting for the people from VAMA anytime, in Timișoara, #infaber!