📢 Great team, with ambitious plans for the future, we are looking for teammates with whom we can continue rounding this special place - FABER.

More specifically, we need to fill the following roles:
✒️Assistant Manager (full-time):

  • manages the various administrative processes specific to our activity;
  • coordinates the process of hosting various activities, companies and events in the FABER premises.

We are looking for a person with at least 2 years of experience in administrative or project manager roles, organized, who respects deadlines, with initiative and a desire to learn, who speaks English and who knows how to be a good host.

💻Project Manager (full-time):

  • manages the implementation of the Bright Cityscapes project, in collaboration with curator Martina Muzi and the rest of the project team;
  • coordinates the installation of the two exhibitions in the program, the production processes and the relationship with the designers and guests.

We are looking for a person with experience in the implementation of cultural projects, the production of exhibitions or artistic or architectural installations, with a high interest in research, design and architecture, attentive to details, organized and a good communicator, good connoisseur/ fluent in English, energized by teamwork and persistent!

🙋🏻‍♀️Mediation program coordinator (4 months, part-time):

  • coordinates the preparation and implementation of the mediation program for the Bright Cityscapes program;
  • collaborate with Mihaela Tilinca and the rest of the project team to implement a mediation program that delivers not only a translation of the Bright Cityscapes cultural program but also educational products developed together with international designers.

We are looking for a person with experience in the implementation of educational programs, collaboration with complex teams, good communicator and organizer, English speaker and who knows how to be a good host.

We offer: flexible schedule, cool team, cool space, decent salary, the opportunity to collaborate and meet musicians, artists and designers of national and international renown, and last but not least, the opportunity to influence the future of this place.

🫶🏻If you are interested, please send us a message to contact@faber.ro, with your CV and portfolio (if you have one) by May 25. We promise to reply by May 29 with an answer to the application, respectively with an invitation to the interview for those who qualify for the next stage.

We look forward to your applications, because at FABER we know one thing: good things are done in good teams! 💛